Why Some People Are Fat

You may wondering: why some people are fat while others are slim?

There are many possible reasons for why people are getting fat.

1.  There might be a genetic factor related to fat. Quite some times, we notice that obese runs in family. For example, if the parents are obese, their children might have higher chance of obesity also.

2. People with sedentary life style may put weight easier, as there are less calories are used compare to people who have a more active regime.

3. fast food , junk food, processed food and food high in salt and sugar can make people put on more fat.

4. Excess calories will stored in body as fat. So if the calories intake is high and the calories usage is low, the calories difference will become fats stored in body.

5. Not enough sleep. You may find it strange why sleep are related to obesity. In fact, a good sleep is important in many aspects of health. If we are not slept well, the hormone is not working properly to regulate calories usage. So, having a good night sleep might be a simple and cheap way to lose weight. Is it wonderful.

6. Some side effects for certain medical might make people put on weight. So, check with your Doctor or pharmacist so that you are aware of it.

7. Some people eat a lot when they are stressed or depressed, they use food to comfort themselves, and gain weight as a result of it.

8. Eat too much snacks and drink a lot soft drinks. Some soft dink has a lot of sugar in it, which means the calories are very high.

9. Effects of TV, computer and smart phone. With the technology advancement, people are spending more time sitting on a couch watching TV, playing computer or phone. There are less time spend on outdoors and sports.

10. Using car to go to work place instead of walk.

11. Take elevator instead of walking.

12. The bacteria that digest food in some people are more efficient than others, and there are more calories stored as a result of that.

So, above are some possible reasons that why people are fat. After know the causes, we can then target them and try to find effective way to loose weight.