Fix 7 Common Marriage Problems Like a Pro!

The most happy marriage I can imagine to myself would be the union of a deaf man to a blind woman.
– S. T. Coleridge

In married life, every couple encounters common marriage problems; every sweetheart turns into an exorcist. Every morning paralyzes you with fright when you feel that something dreadful is lying next to you; you wish to scream like there is no tomorrow… That time, you knew you were marrying the right person. But, now, that same person lying next to you like he’s in on drugs; utterly careless about your feelings and expectations…

My friend, Mark, shared his feelings with me after having an interesting fight with his wife, “Man! I don’t know, she’s fuming, I can wake up dead tomorrow…”

I laughed a lot, because for me, it’s the best love marriage. But, they’ve lost so much along the way. It’s just the fake perfection now, which exuded they’re alright. However, the reality was different; they both were ready to sign the death warrants of each other at any time.

I’m kind of like a philosophical by nature. Therefore, I thought to canvass this ‘marriage problem’ issue deeper with intense focus and analysis, as I wanted to see what actually the cause, or what actually the problem, is, and, how we can speak the language of love again.

Luckily, I discovered that there are seven common marriage problems which almost every couple faces nowadays. And, if we fix them, somehow, we can live a life of blessings, and our homes can turn into the heaven’s delight as well.

  • Old Ways Don’t Open New Doors

And, that’s what most of the married couples don’t perceive. These six words – Old Ways Don’t Open New Doors – actually contain immensely vast and powerful meanings; they’re like the solution of every problem… We generally love to live in our past; it’s our default thinking. Rather than looking forward, or experiencing new things, we continually rub those sore moments which jeopardize the heart of the relationship or invite the heating problems… Therefore, banish old moments, and concentrate on creating new experiences. The more you would do that, that more you would stay glad in your relationship.

How to fix marriage problems

  • I Will Take Care of You!

Have you ever said these words to your love? These words have a lot more power than your imagination. Every man and woman of this world wish to hear these words from his/her husband/wife, over and over. However, sadly, after a few months, we start taking our marriage for granted, and stop assuring our partners that we’ll always take care of them, no matter what. Now, it happens on an unconscious level, but it devastates the spirit of love and marriage… Whenever you feel that your husband or wife is not up to the mark, just hold his/her hand, and say with complete authority: “I’ll take care of you – Always!”

  • Small Acts Mean a Lot

When was the last time you gave her flowers? When was the last time you fought for your husband’s respect? These small acts have a million dollars worth. However, unfortunately, we forget about them. Or, exhibit them only on special occasions. This kind of inattentive behavior is rather a common marriage problem, and injects pains in the veins. Therefore, if you truly love your wife, keep on giving her flowers, chocolates, small gifts, etc. at least once in a week on a consistent basis. Similarly, if you love your husband, give him sensual massage; compliment him – especially in front of others, put on erotic dresses, and etc.

  • Don’t Ever Stop Flirting

Flirting is the spice of life! It’s an erotic misbehave, which even makes the vampire to come out of the coffin. But, couples often don’t perceive its importance, before and after the marriage. If you wish to cast out all the problems of your marriage, ignite the spark of flirting; it’s immensely essential. Use Strong Eye Contact – as it’s the most powerful form of flirting, and it’s enough to seduce your partner. Or, grab his hand in the market, rub his thigh under the table, jump on his lap seductively while he’s watching TV… If you’re a man, smooch her lips unexpectedly; tickle her if she’s in your hug, whisper your naughty sexual fantasies in her ear, and etc.

  • Finish the Unfinished Business

Never keep anything in your heart; it’s best to share if you’re angry regarding something. Don’t think that it would radiate that you’re an insecure person, or it would water down your personality. It would in fact strengthen your marriage and allow your husband/wife to understand your emotions better. The more he/she would understand you, the more it would become easier for him/her to keep you happy… So, keep one thing in your mind: expecting your partner to understand your emotions automatically is just silly; it would just invite problem; he/she can’t know, or guess, if you’ve some unfinished business in your heart. Therefore, “Finish all the Unfinished Businesses – Openly…”

  • Be the Best Version

This is the most important factor of a professional happy marriage… We don’t stay in our best version after marriage. Consequently, this thing collapses our loving emotions, and we don’t feel attraction for our partner as well. For that reason, be the best version of yourself – privately, publicly, and personally. If you’re a man, stay in your best attire; treat your lady like she’s a queen, open doors for her, achieve some big goal in life. If you’re a woman, act like a desirable lady 24/7, show enthusiasm, stay happy, give him the best treatment, and especially show others that he’s the best husband on this planet.More inspirational marriage quotes and sayings at can be found from  Love this website, a lot of nice inspiring quotes! )

  • Hug More and Kiss More!

Sex is important. However, emotions are more important, as they’re the foundation of every relationship; your partner isn’t born only for sex; he/she has emotional needs too; he/she wants to feel secure emotionally; he/she wants to know, over and over, that he/she is desired by you as well on an emotional level, and you’ll always be with him/her, no matter what. And, the best way to convey these things is through passionate hugs and kisses…

Concluding Thoughts

Marriage is when a man and woman become as one is when a man and woman become as one; the trouble starts when they try to decide which one.

So, on the whole, if you fix these above seven common marriage problems professionally, which almost every couple of this planet faces on some level, I assure you, you would stay happy and naked most of the time; your partner would love to touch his smile with your smile, again and again, and feel proud of you as well; watching both of you would be like watching Shakespeare write. The other couples would give your examples too to others, and even ask for your help regarding how to fix common marriage problems successfully!