Can Eating Dark Chocolate Help To Lose Weight?

When it comes to chocolate, It become a difficult choice for those who want to keep slim . Survey showed that 77.8 percent of readers said they like chocolate, which indicate that their body is very good 16.2%, 56.9% figure in general, only 26.9 percent said they in great shape. Dark chocolate to lose weight? Can not enjoy chocolate while maintaining a slim figure? We look to you to solve the riddle.

Dark chocolate makes you eat less

Chocolate has been giving fattening and unhealthy illusion, this is really a big injustice. Not all chocolates are the same, a recent study showed that dark chocolate can also help you burn calories and help keep fit.
The study will be divided into two groups of laboratory personnel: a group of people eating dark chocolate, another group is milk chocolate. Wait a few chocolate digestive childhood intake after end pizza, let them eat completely eat up. Dark chocolate than milk chocolate group group, the average intake of 15% less pizza. Why is this? Dark chocolate contains high concentrations of cocoa butter, cocoa is rich in antioxidants, such antioxidants healthy. So dark chocolate contains cocoa ingredients is higher, the more antioxidants. While dark chocolate is rich in flavanols, this ingredient has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, can clear the blood vessels, can lower blood pressure. In addition, speed up metabolism, but also make you smarter!

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People who eat chocolate are leaner

US “within the scientific literature” (Archives of Medicine) magazine recently published a survey report, the survey interviewed nearly 1,000 adult men and women concluded that people who regularly eat chocolate (more than twice a week) and rarely eat chocolate than people, the body is significantly lower BMI index (BMI index is the weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared show that the number is a measure of body fat, thin degree as well as a common international standard if healthy) .
The researchers found that chocolate contains polyphenols, once injected into experimental animals will polyphenols, found in animal cells break down organic function has significantly increased the number of mitochondria, the blood flow velocity also accelerated, both of which can accelerate change metabolism. Therefore, the researchers believe that it is chocolate polyphenols speed up the body’s metabolic rate, thereby controlling weight gain.

Chocolate gives you a sense of satiety

Research also shows that, as long as eating a piece of chocolate will make people very satiety to control appetite and prevent more calorie intake, thereby preventing weight gain, perhaps you can explain why people who eat chocolate body BMI but low. However, you can not think you can get away henceforth eat chocolate, because the survey is just trying to find a relationship between eating chocolate and slim between the findings of the correctness of the resulting need for more research to be confirmed. If you want to try the chocolate is not really helpful to keep fit, how to choose chocolate, but very demanding.

How to choose chocolate?

All banner dark chocolate labels can be achieved? Dark chocolate in the cocoa ingredients, the more fit you. The best dark chocolate is not too raw, processed dark chocolate is added too much sugar and fat, so first look at the ingredient list on the package before buying.

How to watch the chocolate ingredient list

Why the supermarket to buy milk chocolate make you fat? That is because dark chocolate taste more bitter, so manufacturers will add a lot of sugar, whole milk, nuts and cocoa fat, high-calorie ingredients, so that the chocolate taste easier for the public to accept and taste richer. But it is these additions, make the chocolate into a high-calorie, high fat, high sugar unhealthy food. Chocolate is not in itself make you fat, high-calorie add these ingredients is the culprit. So when buying chocolate must remember to see the packaging, cocoa ingredients to reach about 75% to a healthy and will not get fat.